Hair Care During Winter

Hair Care

Winter is a horrible season to be in for the hair at least. The dry and cold climate can badly affect your hair and make it look very dry and damaged.

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The main reason why your hair may start looking this way is because of the badly dry climate outside because of the low degrees and indoors as well, the heating system inside your home is probably playing havoc with your hair without you even knowing it. The result is usually that your hair looks uncared for and damaged. There are however a few daily and simple things that you could do to ensure that your hair looks as great as it does in the summer and you can still retain your healthy looking hair.

The easiest thing that you can do if you are especially bothered about maintaining the good health of your hair is to ensure that you do not leave your home without some kind of a protection from the outside elements.

You could perhaps carry a scarf or probably a cap or a hat, whatever is suitable for you to avoid the cold and the dryness of the climate. This works well in retaining some of the moisture of your hair. However, wearing something too tight might restrict the blood circulation to your scalp which would also have ill effects on your hair.

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Keep your hair as moist as possible, and the best way to achieve that is by using conditioner on a regular basis. Once you have applied the conditioner to your hair and your hair has attained its daily dose of moisture, you need to keep it that way and washing your hair repeatedly with hot water will not do the trick. In fact after your hair is conditioned wash it with cold water, be careful as to not catch a cold, and this should be able to keep your hair moist for even longer through the day. In fact the hot water can damage your hair anyway, whether you have used a conditioner for your hair or not. Try and avoid washing your hair at least in hot water as that would only lead to an easy breakage and damage. Even other heating items such as an iron for straightening or curling or even a blow dryer would be harmful for your hair, especially in the winter. So try and limit these usages to as least as possible.

Also, one thing you should absolutely not do is to go out in the cold weather without having dried your hair. If you leave the house in very low temperatures with wet hair it would leave to easy breakage. This is mainly because there are always chances of your wet hair freezing without you knowing it and that would only lead to your hair breaking and tearing fast. So always remember to dry your hair well before you go out.

Also, this weather tends to increase the static effect in your hair especially when you are combing it. This can damage your hair greatly but there is away by which you can combat this. Try spraying some of your styling hair spray on your brush or comb, but that is after you are done with styling your hair. Then brush your hair with that comb or brush from top to bottom once and that should work well in defeating the static in your hair.

Lastly, try and research on the right kinds of hair products that will help you the best during this season. The products you use will make a big difference in the quality of your hair, but it has to be the right product for you.

Hair Care During Winter
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