How to Unclog your Pores

Unclog Pores

Many people are very particular in maintaining their complexion. However they face problem in doing so because of blocked pores.

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Blocked pores can become a challenging problem to complexion. The clogged pores not only have a bad look but they are also known to cause various other skin problems.

To unclog the pores in a cheap and healthy way you must know the remedies that can be done from home itself. If the blocked core is due to the dust or makeup it can be removed without using chemicals. To unclog the pores the first thing that has to be done is to step into the shower or a place where there is enough of steam to unblock the pores.

Steam has the ability to remove the pores in a natural way. It is supposed to be the most natural remedy to unclog the pores as it opens the pores without the usage of any chemicals.

Even though all are particular in maintaining clear and impurities free skin not all of us have achieved in doing so. Many often complain about the various skin disorders and try to find remedy to it by getting some cream from the drugstore. Whenever you go for such creams there are certain things to be taken care. See to it that the products are chemical free and do not contain any sort of substances that might cause skin allergies. The impurity in the skin is mainly due to the clogged pores. The first thing to be done to have a pure skin is to remove the clogged pores.

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The factors that contribute to the clogging of pores may be one among the following:

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Improper cleansing
  • Excessive oil production
  • Building up of dead skin cells
  • More sweating
  • Dirty environment
  • Over makeup
  • Diet rich in sugar content

To unclog the pores after opening them use gentle pressure and squeeze the pores to bring out the dirt out of the pores. If you are unable to get rid of the dirt then it is better to use a pore rinsing agent. To avoid any sort of irritation while using the rinsing agent take care to see that it does not contain any chemicals. It should be natural or organic pore cleaning. It is good that you try to avoid things that cause pore clogs. Cigarette smoke, makeup, oil and dirt are capable of blocking the pores. Therefore it is necessary to keep the face clean to avoid clogging of pores. Also it is advisable to avoid smoking and greasy foods. Care should be taken to put minimal amount of makeup on face as this might also end up in blocking of pores.

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Most of the women feel that clear and blemish free skin is the secret of their beauty. It is a real challenge to get rid of clogged pores and blackheads. Always use gentle and acne controlling products to prevent clogging of pores. Maintain a proper skin check up every now and then to remain beautiful always. Many people do not wash their faces regularly. The skin is exposed to all kinds of dirt and bacteria. These are responsible of creating irritation and clogged pores. One good suggestion is to wash the face every evening with a facial cleanser to prevent blockage from appearing.

Scrubbing the skin to get rid of bumps is also a good practice to stay away from blocked pores. Using gentle cream, tea tree oil on problem areas also bring about good results.

Some of the measures by which the clog can be prevented:

1. Avoid using facial lotions and cosmetics that are oil based. Be sure that the product is non comedogenic.

2. Whenever you exercise or play, be sure that you do not use headband or hat and also remember to wash the sweat soaked things before you use them again.

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3. To make the cells function properly it is necessary to keep them hydrated and moist. Products with no or minimal chemical content should be used. It is good to use moisturizer after cleansing.

4. Pores should be cleansed with toner or skin conditioner using cotton balls. Harsh scrubbing is not needed. Just wipe with tonner using cotton balls repeatedly until you find no dirt at all. You can also use salicylic acid as a toner.

5. Remember the cleansing agent should not contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide as it is capable of causing major side effects.

As beauty lies in complexion it is important that some care must be taken to maintain it. Always keep the face clean and hygienic to avoid any sort of skin impurity. Make sure that you wash your face whenever you return from work or play. Drinking lot of water will also help in keeping the skin moist and fresh.

How to Unclog your Pores
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