Awareness of Steroids Abuse Among Teenagers?

The use of steroids for sports is not a new concept and according to new research their improper use is most harmful for the human body.

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Many teenagers think the use of steroids is a better way to shape up their body and in the race to look more attractive. Actually steroid can affect the health without any indication.

The use of steroids can be stopped through proper guidance in schools and through the propaganda of media.  Dick Butkus a professional footballer along with Old Spice is running campaigns on steroid use. Though the steroids are the speediest ways of body building but they are harmful. Their long term use can bring more pain and harm later on. Steroids can backfire into the human system from stunted growth to tendencies of depression.

Delivering knowledge about this all through a nice and well educational way is a great aspect. Spreading info in this regard should not to be preachy in order but it should well structured and informative. There are many ways through which abuse of steroid can be combated, and an early teaching of young teenagers is one of these.

Effective control of abuse of steroids among teenagers can become a boon. These are so many greatest ways that can be brought to young athletes to make them move forward for long, in the way they want to go ahead in their future life. Now a days Dick Butkus is busy in raising awareness for all of these causes and bad effects of the abuse of steroids.

Awareness of Steroids Abuse Among Teenagers?
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