Common Skin Care Mistakes

Skin Care Mistakes

Your skin is important, and there is no way to make that fact clearer than just by saying is simply.

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Even if you are not very stringent about how you look or what you do for your skin, there should be some amount of attention that you should pay to your skin if you wish to look healthy for a lifetime.

The important thing is not what you Should do for your skin, but in fact what you should NOT do. There are some very common mistakes that people make with their skin and should be avoided at all costs.

1) Using the wrong cleanser:  You should understand that not just about any kind of cleanser would be suitable for your skin. More often than not people do not bother to find out what cleanser they are using, and most of the times they use ones which have very harsh detergents as a means of cleaning the skin.

These detergents remove all the important lipids from your skin and damage it. Instead use those cleansers that use fatty acids which would help smoothen your skin and keep it moisturized. If you have dry skin you should be using cleansing oil, instead of the harsh detergent based cleanser that you have been suing.

2) Retinoid is not used: many people especially those who do not believe in spending any extra time on their skin, hardly ever use any kind of retinoid. Retinol is this kind of a Vitamin which has proven results of reducing lines and wrinkles from the face. A regular usage of this will help keep your face looking fresh and young and is very healthy. Whatever skincare products you do use, if you do not use some kind of a retinol then your hard work will be of no use.

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3) Facials!: whether you would like to believe it or not, facials do nothing but have long time harmful effects on your skin rather than helping your skin stay healthy. They actually cost too much and have no long lasting benefits for your skin. In fact studies show that most women break out on the face after they have had facials. This is usually because the people giving you facials do not always know which essential oils suit your skin or what product is suitable for your skin and what is not. In any case the effect of the facial will not last you long anyway and is only an added expenditure when you can do many other things to take care of your skin.

4) Washing face before shower: this might seem very convenient for you to just wash your face before the shower or before you have washed your hair but it is the absolutely wrong thing to do. In fact you should wait till after you have washed your hair off all the products of shampoo and conditioner etc that you may have used, only then should you wash your face. This is mainly because hair products often contain substances that cause acne easily and so you should get rid of them from your face completely.

5) Not using sunscreen: using of sunscreen should not be a periodical affair but instead should be a regular habit that you follow. You should use sunscreen on a daily basis whether you feel it is necessary or not. Especially if you are going to be out a lot you should use sunscreen. SPF 15 is important for your skin as protection even if it means during the moment that you dash from your car into your office. You should not take chances.

Common Skin Care Mistakes
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