Best Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Methods

Skin Tightening

Everyone likes a clean and tight skin which looks fresh and young. Following Skin Tighteningare some methods to tighten your skin and also repair it using non-surgical techniques.

Natural Remedies:

Herbs and other natural cures have been a tradition since long, as they are being used by man from centuries to take care of skin and keep the wrinkles away. The most famous and oldest remedy for preventing the wrinkles is Turmeric.

Make a paste from turmeric and spread it all over your skin using some water, just the same way you use a lotion. Keep the paste as it is only for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. Grapes, in particular, are a very good cure for wrinkles.

Just mash them and apply their juice directly on the wrinkles. Even banana can help this cause. You can make a similar banana paste. Add some yoghurt as well to the banana paste before applying it over the skin. Wrinkles are caused by dehydration of the skin. Rosehip oil helps to prevent this by hydrating and adding moisture to the skin.  Rosehip oil can also slow down other dreadful effects of the ageing process.


Microcurrent Therapy:

In the Microcurrent Therapy, lower levels of electrical current are used to reduce the fine lines and appearance of wrinkles. These currents increase the level of amino acids and ATP, which play an important role in repairing damaged skin cells. Generally, there are 12 sessions conducted over a period of 6 weeks where each session takes about an hour.

Microcurrent Therapy

Threadlift Therapy:

In the Threadlift Therapy, a needle is used to insert tiny barbed threads in the facial tissue. When inserted, these threads get attached to the tissue and the process of collagen starts to form round threads. As the process of formation of collagen proceeds, the face gets a lifted result and the wrinkles, in turn, get reduced. However, this therapy is useful for those people who are noticing just the beginning of ageing effects and do not have many wrinkles on their skin yet.

Threadlift Therapy

Thermage Therapy:

The Thermage therapy is done using a device known as ThermaCool. It provides almost all the services required for a healthy skin, such as lifting and non-surgical tightening of the skin, improving the skin color, and removing the wrinkles. It releases the RF energy into the skin, which activates the collagen and heats the underlying tissues present in deep skin layers, and thus, provides a cooling effect to the outer layer of the skin. This process tightens up the skin which gives you a smooth, young, and fresh looking skin. Time period of the entire therapy may vary from a meager five minutes to sometimes even an hour. However, the results are sure to last for almost two years.

Thermage Therapy

Face Masks:

There are many anti-ageing face lotions available in the market that make various claims about how they can improve the appearance of your skin and smoothen out all the wrinkles. The price for these masks range from the very cheap $5 to a high $100. Mostly, the expensive face lotions are clinically tested and made from ingredients that have the ability to repair the skin.

Face Masks

However, there is one face mask that is completely different from the others called the magnetic face mask. These magnetic face masks are made of cloth or some other material and have pieces of magnet in them. Their design is such that it accelerates the process of healing and also increases blood circulation. They not only reduce the pace of the ageing process, but also reverse premature ageing by reducing the lines and appearance of wrinkles.

Best Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Methods
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