Causes for Wrinkles


Wrinkles are signs of our skin being depleted of vital energy, hydration

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andelasticity. If we have a healthy lifestyle maintained with the following components then we are sure to ward off wrinkles.

Firstly, what we eat today definitely shows up in our skin the next day.

Wrinkles do not show up easily when we have the key nutrients balanced in our daily diet. We must not have things like coffee, alcohol and other high caffeinated items in order to keep great looking skin.Also smoking is one of the fastest ways to deprive our skin of vital nutrients and elasticity.

Smoking will deplore our body of vitality and soon enough it will be evident through our skin. Ashy skin with wrinkles and pigmentation is one of the signs of an over stressed skin. Smoking actually causes stress to our body and skin.

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For youthful skin it is important to have plenty of raw food in our daily diet. Raw fruits and vegetables and their juices in plain form, are one of the key ingredients to maintain healthy skin. We are so radiant from inside out that our whole stature changes.

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Having 80% raw food in a day is enough to show us a lifetime of changes. It unravels a part of us that we might have never discovered before. Apart from quitting smoking care must be taken to live in a healthy atmosphere that is free of pollution and contaminated air. Pollution in the air is one of the fastest ways to get one’s skin get old and wrinkled. Though it is not always possible avoiding the most pollution dense areas on a daily basis should be chosen to worked out if one wishes to live long and healthy, with satin smooth skin.

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Sleep is also a vital component to skin health and warding off deprivation. Sleep renews our skin cells and recharges our overall batteries. Every person should sleep 7 to 9 hours in a day. It is the best way to beat the stress and live a balanced life.

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When it comes to alcohol, moderation is the key and a little glass of red wine once in a while never harmed anybody. But it has been said that anything more than that is going to deplete water from your skin, sapping out its life. You may not notice this diminishing of life force from within you just as soon. But these signs take place as one ages and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain healthy skin under such long term effects. Effects of over indulging in alcohol will not come at once but over the years. For these reasons one must take great care of one’s lifestyle and not overdo any of the junk and the alcohol.

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Exercising regularly is also one of the best ways to heighten the pleasure quotient of your skin. As you sweat and circulate blood throughout your body, you skin cells are renewed and replenished. You look dewy and youthful, taking years off your skin. Our skin is our vital organ of excretion and a lot of our internal toxins are released through sweat. So having a great bout of exercise is a must in daily routine to get that glowing and supple skin!

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