Coping With The Shame Of Incontinence

No one wants to get old. The process of senescence can be a difficult one, and things that were once simple tasks all of a sudden become difficult or impossible to do without assistance. While aging can be a stressful and often shameful process, you can certainly alleviate and minimize the difficulties and changes associated with aging.

Assisted living communities can be fantastic places to live, but not for everyone. Many people want to continue living independently, and simply need a few extra tools and the occasional visitor in order to help them grow accustomed to this new lifestyle. Senior living centers can be extremely expensive, and if you don’t have sufficient funding in order to support this lifestyle, then you may be tough out of luck.

As toddlers, people are unable to control their sphincters, and require someone to change their diapers regularly. As we senesce, our aging bodies often lose control of our urinary reflexes, and this can be an especially embarrassing moment in any person’s life. Other times, a lavatory may simply be inaccessible, and simply too far to reach in time before an accident occurs. During the nighttime hours, sleep can often bring self-defecation and urination, soiling clothing and linens, and creating an unnecessary and shameful inconvenience.

While these bodily functions and releases are a natural part of life and are difficult to control, especially in old age, they can be conquered, and you can go about living your life worry-free with incontinence products for your everyday needs, and absorbent materials to fend off unexpected incontinences.

Thanks to TENA, you can be protected day and night with adult diapers, ideal for anyone concerned with incontinences. Protect your mattress and linens with TENA’s super absorbent and top of the line disposable pads for your bed, which will ensure that your bed will be clean and urine free, always. offers a huge selection of bladder control pads and protective underwear or adult diapers for protection of all levels, available from brand name companies such as Prevail and Attends. Whether you need the just-in-case underpad for the protection of your mattress in the event of an emergency, or everyday disposable diapers, you can find every incontinence product available at fantastic prices on Light or heavy protection, your incontinence problem will become insignificant thanks to these accommodating products, and you can evade shameful accidents and unnecessary messes.

The older our bodies grow, the more delicate they become, and older people can need all sorts of amenities for the optimal comfort and cleanliness. Sensi-care moisturizing cream is perfect for aging and dry skin, and will restore youthful moisture to the tired, sensitive epidermis.

With aloe vest cleansing foam, you can get rid of any harmful bacteria and germs caused by incontinence, without having to be worried about drying sensitive skin or causing any sort of itching or burning caused by traditional cleansing foams. Furthermore, aloe vest no-rinse cleanser requires no water, so you can skip the hassle of a full bath or shower, and get straight to that fresh clean. Aloe vesta also offers disposable bathing cloths, so you can keep things clean and sanitary, and get a full body clean without having to worry about slippery soap and runny body washes. Aloe vesta products are made with aloe for a cooling, soothing finish, and are not only great smelling and anti-bacterial, but are easy to dispose of, and require no water to achieve efficacy.

Coping With The Shame Of Incontinence
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