Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss

In this 21st century who does not want to look good? I wonder if there is any.


Whether you want to develop a good social network of you want succeed in your career, looks have become an important factor. Hair plays an important role in a person’s looks. There are a great number of hair stylists helping people to make them look good; this is evident to that fact that people are ready to spend a huge amount of money on their hair.

Due to the constant change in weather conditions and increasing pollution, condition of our hair is being going worse. The competition level is huge in all the fields of the modern day, so this increases the stress level of the people which is a big reason for people loosing hair. There are many more reasons which are degrading the quality of human hair and the number of people loosing hair is growing unbelievably.

As already told, people are paying a great attention towards their hair, so those who are loosing hair adopt number of methods to tackle the problem. You can find a number of oils and pills which promise to halt the hair fall. But people are afraid to adopt such methods as there is a risk of losing hair totally. This reason is making the people to look out for natural remedy to this problem.

But before you actually decide to follow a method to face the problem of hair loss, you need to find the cause of hair loss. And depending on the reason, you must take appropriate methods and means to stop the hair loss.

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the main reason behind almost all the hair problems. So it becomes very necessary to keep a check on DHT content in our body. There are so many ways to control the DHT factor in your body.

Following are few of them:

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits which contain Biotin.
  • Avoid excess of stress as it is also the main reason behind the high content of DHT content.
  • Herbs like nettle roots and ginkgo biloba are very effective to tackle this problem as they directly show their impact on hair follicles from where the DHT starts operating.

DHT is the most important factor of alopecia and is released by the body which sticks with hair follicles and stops the growth of hair. So, if you are looking for a reason to face the problems caused by DHT then you are advised to find the options which start working at your hair follicles.

Drinking water in good quantity is always so much helpful in halting the hair fall rate. Water washes out the toxic content from the body. So drinking water in good amount for a regular period of time will maintain a good balance in your body. Along with this, if you can take any supplement for Biotin, you can not only stop the hair fall but also manage to get new hair.

There are many more natural remedies for this hair loss problem, but they are required to be followed regularly. And the best thing about such methods is that they hardly have any side effects. It means that even if they do not work on your body, they will not cause any damage to your hair. This is the best natural method that you can follow.

There are many more natural herbs which will help you to stop the hair loss. Saw palmetto is supposed to be the best herb in the world to cure the hair loss problem. It simply controls the DHT content in your body, which works very effectively to avoid the problem of hair fall. Saw palmetto is also an anti androgen agent which strengthens your hair follicles and stops the hair fall. This herb is used in many of the hair oils which assure to control the hair loss rate and is adopted all over the world to deal with the same.

You can even use the egg yolk to massage your scalp and make sure that the egg yolk is uncooked. You can simply massage your scalp and leave for about an hour and then wash it. This will now show an instant impact but is a safe method which will prove to be very effective in the coming times. Or else you can soak fenugreek in good quantity of water for a period of more than 12 hours, then you can use the liquid extracted from that soaked fenugreek to massage your scalp. Then you need to cover the whole scalp with that liquid for a period of about 3 or 4 hours. You can follow this method 2 or 3 three times a week or at least once in a month. And along these methods, if you use olive oil for massaging the hair, then the combination of all these methods will show good results within a short period of time.

Alopecia Areata

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There are few more tips which are advised to follow along with these methods to enhance the effect of these methods.

  • Drink good quantity of water.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits which have a high content of zinc and biotin.
  • It is recommended to massage your scalp in all the directions; this allows the blood to flow through the scalp.

These tips will not only control the hair fall rate but also enhance the hair growth rate. If you are looking for a source which could stop your hair fall overnight, then it is requested to stop searching for such means, because such methods do not exist. There is a saying, “slow and steady wins the race.” This quote suits ideally for following any of the natural methods to control the hair fall rate. All you need to do is to follow those methods regularly, sincerely and properly. You will soon see the results. And you can move confidently in your world. Since personality of a person surely has an impact to grow in his career. So, good looks with nice hair will always help you to achieve the goals in your life.

Hair Loss Treatment
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