Harmful Conditions Brought by Certain Soaps


There are certainly mainly harmful conditions being brought by your soap that bring you definite damage to your skin.

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This involves over drying of your skin and is certainly present in soaps that contain harsh acid or sodium laureth suplhate. It is thus important to use soaps that do not have these ingredients. You would be pleased to find that there are completely herbal soaps that have some of the most suitable ingredients for your skin which can bring possibly better alternatives. These do not dry your skin and bring relief, moisturizing effect and overall good skin conditioning. There are herbal soaps devoid of chemicals and artificial glycerin that can be great choices. They are not harsh to the skin and avoiding the ordinary soaps could be one of the best decisions that you could make for your skin. Natural, non commercial soaps with essential oils and sea salts would be the best choice. You can make your own scrub with milk, honey, dried nut powder, essential oils added and mixed along with sea salt.

Adding essential oils and herbs to your bath is one of the best ways to pamper yourself. The most popular soaps are sadly the commercial soaps which bring about a drying effect over your epidermis. Over time use of these would cause greater problems. There are of course ways you can nourish your skin in the bath without having to spent a hell lot. Simple things like essential oils, natural herbs, flower petals, milk and honey and even adding a few drops of carrier oil or some citrus juices in your scrubs bring a long way of help in adding nourishment to your skin.

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Certain natural soaps contain aloe vera, avocado, vegetable oils and citrus juices. These are really good for skin. They are even cleansing body butters that are available from some health food stores or herbal body care stores. These do not dry your skin but bring some great soothing nourishment to your body. Some of the most interesting oils to dip in the bath, in case one has oily skin are basil, cedar, chamomile, lavender, orange blossom, thyme, tea tree etc. Sandalwood, vanilla, ginger, bergamot, rosewood, etc. are some of the most warming body oils that you could have in your bath. These are great for a warm and distressing bath.

Any amount of spritzy citrusy fragrance is good in the bath. You would also be detoxed through the anti bacterial properties of these in the bath and enjoy a luxuriant dip. There are natural vegetable glycerin extract which can be great for dry skin types but then one must be careful not to use petroleum processed glycerin which would just bring the counter effect to one’s skin. There are also more body cleansers which are based on natural extracts and bring benefits to your body and make for great substitutes for soap.

However if your skin is prone to eczema then it is good to avoid soap altogether. There are soaps that are pH balanced and less on the acidic content. Such soaps are definitely better than using the harsher types. It is also important to avoid soap on face. Oatmeal and milk scrub and such options are also great options for body cleansing instead of soaps. It is also important to choose soaps that are not scented or do not contain hidden toxic ingredients. Some very expensive soap brands can come packaged with some of these toxic elements. These should be avoided in all cases. These are actually not soaps or cleansers but just detergents. These are most harmful if your skin is going through dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. Such skin conditions keep getting worse in case of soap use. Applying body oil and lotion right after a bath is great for maintaining the moisture balance of soap.

There are also ways to rejuvenate the skin by keeping the water tepid. Lukewarm water is the best option while bathing. Natural handmade soaps are also great. These soaps when made with good oils as bases are extremely nourishing and healing. They clean as well as balance your skin’s moisture level. Drying of skin from commercial soaps can cause itching and eventually eczema when you use them over time. Soaps that are made with environment friendly ingredients are some of the best things that can be used on your skin. It is important to note that such friendly components are present in your soap. It is also easy to make natural, herbs, flowers and oil based soap right in your home. You can choose your own make and have your imagination expanded for getting the right items that are meant for making the right kind of soap that you would prefer. You can make lye soaps with purified water, vegetable oils, chosen herbs and the right essential oils.

Harmful Conditions Brought by Certain Soaps
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