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More than 90% of women have cellulite. A few supermodels and super-star female athletes have cellulite.More than a few Hollywood stars and starlets wage constant war against cellulite.College coeds in size 1 skinny jeans have cellulite. In other words, if you, too, have cellulite, you are in very good company.

The unfortunate news: You can do very little to prevent cellulite and

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humankind has yet to find a cure. Blame your gender and your genes. Your genes largely determine whether or not cellulite will affect your swimsuit and short-shorts season. As a rule of thumb, you can predict your thighs’ fate by scrutinizing your mother’s. ‘Tweens and early teens frequently show first signs of cellulite at the onset of their menses—the intersection of genetic and hormonal influences on cellulite. High levels of estrogen either cause or contribute significantly to cellulite. Women starting birth control pills and women recovering from childbirth frequently discover the first signs of cellulite because their bodies cannot eliminate all the estrogen in their systems.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Cellulite develops when your body cannot eliminate excess fat, water, and toxins; and your lifestyle unfortunately contributes to your cellulite. As you consider “home remedies” for cellulite, consider minor lifestyle alterations among your best, most potent remedies.

Dehydration contributes to cellulite, because it hampers your body’s capacity for eliminating fats, toxins, and excess estrogen.Hydrate. Processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine in coffee and soda contribute to cellulite. Eat fresh foods, get your caffeine from anti-oxidant rich black and green teas, and switch to an occasional glass of red wine. Too much time on the couch contributes to cellulite. Take your dog on very long walks; get a Jillian Michaels DVD. And, strangely but truly, crash diets contribute to cellulite, because even short-term deprivation prompts your body to store fats. If you begin a diet, do it wisely with a doctor’s or nutritionists supervision.

The vaguely medical explanation: Chalk it up to skin elasticity and fat cells, or more precisely the mismatch between them. Natural fiber compartments hold skin; when fat cells grow too large for their compartments, compartments bulge, forming uneven layers of fat beneath the skin. Hence, the mottled or “cottage cheese” look.

Redemption: Before you start comparing prices and procedures for liposuction and other extreme interventions, apply the home remedies. They work.

Start with a coffee scrub. Yes, a coffee scrub, because studies have shown that massage helps cells release accumulated fats and toxins, and caffeine promotes cell metabolism and elimination of wastes. Put two cups of your favorite roast in a big mixing bowl and retreat to a warm tub, where the warm water will help caffeine penetrate your skin. You may add a little olive or coconut oil to your mix. Using your loofah mitt, massage your coffee grounds on the areas that have cellulite, working in a counter-clockwise circular motion; counter-clockwise because all the atoms in your body’s molecules orbit their nuclei that way.Continue massaging each area with your coffee grounds for at least five minutes. Of course, you are exfoliating as you attack your cellulite.Rinse well and enjoy the feel of softer, smoother skin.

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Try a brush massage. Using any old soft-bristle brush, massage your cellulite areas in the same counter-clockwise circular motion you used with coffee grounds. The brush massage loosens trapped fat cells, redistributing them evenly beneath your skin. Brush-massage each cellulite area for at least five minutes; try to continue for ten minutes. Make this massage part of your daily beauty routine. Of course, you can increase your massage’s intensity and maximize its benefits by using your personal massager in place of the brush. Five minutes of intense circular massage with your handheld personal appliance set on medium will definitely loosen fat, stimulate circulation, and promote cells’ efficient waste removal.

Naturally, “all of the above” is the best answer to your cellulite problem, so complement your home remedies with cellulite creams and regular exercise targeted to work the muscles in your cellulite areas.

Home Treatments for Cellulite
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