Maintenance for Shiny Silky Hair

Shiny Silky Hair

There are some great benefits that one receives on maintaining a good crop of hair. Shiny, silky and healthy hair will alter our looks to a large extent. Most of us don’t understand that our hair is one of the main parts of the greatness of our looks. When we have great hair we can carry of many different kinds of looks with ease. But great hair doesn’t really come with parlor treatments and styling. They need to be maintained at home with great care so that your hair has the shine maintained. The cuticles of the hair and the texture of the hair shafts need to be nurtured and taken care of well. Keeping the hair smooth with regular, deep conditioning packs at home is a must. Rinsing your hair with cold water is also a good think which will in fact do well to help lock in the moisture of your hair.

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Regular trims on your hair with every two or 3 months actually help you maintain your hair length and snips off the dry or rough edges. This is a good practice. When you trim at this rate, your hair will actually grow longer and faster. Taking a gallon of distilled water, mixing it with just one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar will always work well as an after shampoo rinse. The results of these are always good. Applying cider based conditioners also bring bounce to your hair and so does rinsing it with beer.

If you want to have high gloss in your hair, then apply transparent color on your hair first a few days before applying any hair color. Just plain transparent hair color will also go a long way in giving you vital shine to your hair. But you must treat your hair with hot oil massage regularly as coloring in any form dries your hair. Color does add shine pigments to your hair and makes it appear glossier. The hair shafts actually shine and bounce more. But maintaining the color is also in effect one of the most important things to be done. So using hair color protecting serums, shampoo and other styling products are always a must if you want to have great looking hair for long.

Deep condition packs made with mashed banana or avocado along with oil and mayonnaise or honey is also a very good pack. When you keep this in your hair for half an hour and shampoo off right after, you will be able to notice remarkable difference. When light would fall on your hair you would be able to see noticeable difference.

Intake of vitamin E enriched food is also good for you hair. Adding coconut oil to your diet is also a good practice. So when you just add two tablespoon to your smoothies, you will notice a remarkable difference. Strangely, this oil would not make you fat. Other rich vitamin E sources are almonds, olive oil, avocado and wheat germ. Taking iron rich food like spinach, sprouts, dark leafy greens, etc are also another good way to ensure great looking hair! You will notice the difference within a few weeks of changing your diet. Altering your choice of grains while taking brown rice instead of polished ones and having more whole grains than anything refined, will always bring about better quality hair.

If you want to have deep oil work then keep a day of the weekend for this. Alternately you could oil your hair another day during the week. Slightly warmed oil is preferred as they penetrate deeper. So warming olive oil and mixing it with some essential oil drops like those of lemon, ylang ylang and lavender are always a must. These kinds of oil stay strong and penetrate well making your hair lush and voluminous. Coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, castor oil and jojoba oil are all good quality hair oil that can serve your hair well in different purposes. Castor oil and almond oil are particularly good in combination for maintaining long and silky hair.

Jojoba oil is good for dry hair. Coconut oil is multipurpose while mustard oil is great for maintaining the dark color of your hair and drive off dandruff. One can add lemon juice to any coconut oil in order to cure dandruff as well. Overall natural oil is good. Some drops of hair restoring essential oils can always be added to the carrier oil in order to bring about a better sense of health and well being to them. Essential oils always penetrate better with carrier oils and these when added to water and applied as a last rinse post-shampoo, is always a great option. But make sure you only add a few drops to about a mug of water.

Maintenance for Shiny Silky Hair
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