Massage Offers Many Health Benefits

Many people who partake in massages do so for relaxation and enjoyment. Yet, there are also significant health benefits associated with massages. If you manage or own a massage spa it is a good idea to get the word out to your customers, massage helps keep you healthy. For example massage can increase blood circulation, relax tense muscles, and massage boosts the body’s endorphin levels, which boosts mood and decreases pain.

Spas can keep their clients coming back by employing the best spa therapists and keeping them up to date on all the latest massage techniques. In addition, it is essential that spas only purchase the best supplies and equipment. 

According to the Mayo Clinic massage is no longer limited to luxurious spas and upscale clubs. Indeed, massage is a vogue way of being pampered and relaxing. Massage has become so popular that some businesses offer on the job massages. They offer this perk because massage reduces stress and recharges the body, both mentally and physically. The business gains because they have a more productive employee who is happy, and the employee loves receiving massages at work. Employees who receive on the job massages call in sick less often and are more willing to go the extra mile. says more health providers are beginning to recognize that massage is a legitimate way to reduce or eliminate back pain. Fifty four percent of medical providers recommend massage along with standard medical care for people with chronic back pain. A massage study conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami discovered that massage reduced back pain, depression, anxiety, along with improving sleep patterns.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage reduces muscle soreness because blood flow is increased. In addition, massage relaxes tense muscles which improves muscle range of motion, and increases flexibility. As mentioned, massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good hormone.

In fact, massage has become so popular you can now receive a massage right at the airport. This certainly makes sense, because air travel today is a stressful event, and is anything but enjoyable. There is simply no better way to reduce the stress associated with air travel than closing your eyes and enjoying a relaxing massage. Some airport massage spas offer chair massages, which are done fully clothed, and less intimate. A chair massage only takes 10 to 20 minutes, so you do not risk missing your flight.

Finally, massage is more than simply enjoyment and relaxation. Massage increases blood flow, reduces stress, depression, anxiety, reduces muscle soreness, relieves back pain, and promotes a good night’s sleep. Massage is now mainstream and some businesses even offer massages right in the office. Businesses that offer this perk to their employees see increased production, and they call out sick less often.


Massage Offers Many Health Benefits
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