Prevent Sagging Skin

Sagging Skin

Growing old is natural. The aging people feel and experience very difficult phenomenon. The bones start weakening, the movements slow down, and gray hair turns white with need for glasses and hearing aids.

image by Seegul

image by Seegul

Another prominent factor that confirms and shows all ages is sagging skin. The skin loosens and hangs as the muscles slack down. The wrinkles and deep lines on facial skin grow deeper with the advancing age.

The old age takes its toll starting with fore head wrinkles. The feet and heals start splintering and lastly a sagging skin is obvious on our faces. The remedies for old age “Defects” cannot reverse the aging process in any way. It is natural to grow old decay and vanish to make room for new generation to take over.

Scientific research and technology advancement has derived certain ways to improve the sagging skin outlook artificially. These dos not undo old age but makes people look reasonably younger.

These techniques involved experience medical treatments and cosmetic surgeries. The painful injections and chemical peels undertaken have serious side effects, rendering them often inadvisable, particularly in diabetic patients. Further all these treatments were cost heavily very few people could afford these.

image by mikachenste

image by mikachenste

These days the research is directed on the very important aspect to solve the problem of affordability. The latest research has discovered the elements in the skin that keep it stick. The first step in this regard is to change your approach to “prevent” sagging skin than to cure it. Once you are conscious of the factors that promote sagging skin, you can be confident to have slowed this aging riddle by half already. You can bow delay the process of aging by continuous skin care, mostly by un-costly practices and some vitamin intake regulation. Read carefully what follows:


Smoking effects health badly. The damage to mouth, teeth and lungs is carried further to the rest of the body by blood transfer, and is injurious to health. Our skin needs nutrition to stay healthy. So discourage smoking steadily as immediate reversal is difficult.

image by the longhairedgit

image by the longhairedgit

Increase water for skin hydration

Your daily water intake should be about 8 glasses of fresh water. The skin stays moisturized and soft. The pores and hair roots keep flushing away toxics through swetilng. The hydrated skin muscles keep the skin tight and flexible. The colored drinks, coffee and tea cause dehydration. You can rely on pure water and herbal teas to help out. To make tasty drinks add orange and lemon slices to water, with or without sugar.

Wash your face at bedtime

Bedtime wash clears the facial skin pores that could cause skin infections. Rub your skin gently to dislocate dirt and grease. Hard rubbing and dragging can damage skin tissues when pores are blocked by makeup or dirt. Do it daily to prevent sagging skin.

Sunbathing or sun tanning

Direct sunlight for long hours affects skin adversely causing skin aging. Excessive direct exposure could cause skin cancer. Therefore you sunbathe in small spurts or use sunscreen of SPF 15 or above to avoid unhealthy side effects, growing old is natural but is better to look great in late years without sagging skin. Use skin care better products adequately. Rely on natural preventions.

Loose weight slowly

Our skin is elastic and restores tightness steadily. Pregnancies and overweight bungles stretch the skin. Skin loosened in child births restore comparatively quicker by natural shrinking. The sagging problem occurs when tummy bulges of permanent nature are reduced in days. The fast weight reduction eats away some muscle tissues under the skin along with fats. Therefore shrink process is slow as the body rebuilds the tensioning muscles along with the shrinking. So it is best to rid obesity steadily and let the relaxed gain strength to adjust to new shape. Forget 50 lbs off in 3 months ads and stick to exercises and steady dieting for reducing. Remember your skin becomes less elastic with age. When you feel you have to do it, then plan it out at early age. You will have better results with less effort. Some spend thrifts prefer to consume everything first, become bulging hippos and then spend again on costly medicines, diets and bulge reducing methods and finally on curve of side effects too.

Nutrition rich food intake

Choose foods that have less sugar content but high in minerals and vitamins. This will keep your skin nourished and elastic. Avoid junk food, whether small.

Prevent Sagging Skin
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