Tips on How to Give a Foot Massage

Foot Massage Tips

Giving a foot massage is actually not that difficult and if picked up well can easily be practiced on other people.

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Even if you have not given anybody a foot massage before you can quickly pick it up and give others one. Or better still, if you do not like the way you are given foot massages then the best way to gain the best foot massage experience is to learn how to do it yourself and give yourself the best foot massage. Follow these simple and quick tips to learn how to give a foot massage and you will be good to go, and that too minus the extra cost of an expensive foot massage.

Before you start with the massage altogether, there are some actions that you should follow in order to loosen the muscles and joints of your feet and help with the effect of the foot massage, for instance, try rotating the ankles.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you are helping someone with a foot massage ask them to roll their ankles from one side to the other which would help all joints in that area of the foot loosen up and make it easier for the foot massage to take effect. Also if possible, try rotating your feet clockwise then anti-clockwise which will also help your feet muscles to relax and you will feel an instant tense-release.

Firstly, remember that by just massaging your foot you will not gain the best foot massage experience, if you want to give yourself or someone else the most relaxing foot massage you should do it by paying attention to the calf muscles along with the feet. The lower leg is as important as is the foot for a complete massage and this is mainly because the muscles and the nerves are all connected. So, to get the maximum benefit out of a foot massage, give a careful massage to the muscles of your calf along with the foot.

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What you use to give the massage is also actually important. If you are using your whole hand or your knuckles for massaging your feet and calf, then it might not work as well as it is supposed to. In fact the best way that you can massage your foot is by using your fingertips; even using your fingers might not be as effective as using only your fingertips might be. For massaging the tense muscles of your feet, especially your sole the best way to massage is by using your thumb for maximum pressure and your finger tips for a calming effect.

You also need not be too skeptical about using some effective massage oils for your feet when you are massaging them. These massaging oils are especially helpful in getting the blood vessels to be stimulated and working and thus help a great deal for the additional benefits of a foot massage. Some of these are also meant to work according to the aroma therapy system and that is a big help too whether you believe it or not.

The best trick that can really turn a foot massage around into a really enjoyable session by providing the maximum massaging benefits is if you knead the muscles on the underneath of your feet. All you have to do is massage your feet using your hand but use it in the shape of a fist and knead the muscles with it. This is really helpful for providing maximum ; remember to rub your knuckles into the muscles when you are kneading them.

These tips will be very helpful in improving the quality of the foot massage that you give or receive

Tips on How to Give a Foot Massage
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