Top 10 Tips for Caring for Dry Skin

Dry Skin

There are varied ways through which you can experience better skin texture in winter.

Winter Skin

There are ways through which one can deal with the differing skin issues that winter brings over to one’s place. These are the colder days and so dehydration is easy. When one keeps the following tips in mind it becomes easier to take care of one’s skin and stay healthy.

1. Drink plenty of water. Load up on warm, herbal tea and warming soups and stews. This is going to see you through the winter days by giving you essential nutrition, vitality and warmth. There are going to be more of a sap of water if you are drinking coffee. So it is important to have juices in plentitude in order to keep the vital nutrients flowing. If it is not appealing to drink plain water then one can mix a bit of lemon juice or orange slice to it to make it more tempting.

2. People with lupus should take care of having an air humidifier. An air humidifier is of course important to have the atmosphere feel congenial. This is indeed important in order to bring in more warmth and circulation to the skin.

3. Exercising is essential as it keeps circulation on the go. It also brings the inner glow that you are looking for. It is thus essential to detox through the skin as a lot of cellulite and old toxin release takes place through this process. This will also keep you warm and help you keep your self fit overall. Dig into the winter sports if you feel demotivated to simply work out on your own in the winter blues.

4. It is not just outside application but how well you hydrate yourself from within that makes you look and feel better. Eating more raw fruits and veggies would also be great in order to look great yourself. Having more raw and fresh organic vegetables and fruits means you are having wholesome water. This is indeed great in keeping yourself overall healthy.

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5. It is important to moisturize your body right after bath with warm oil. Sesame seed oil, carrot seed oil, almond or olive oil works wonders for the winter days. Apply when you have just had a hot bath. When your body is still quite humid you will have to apply the oil as it will be best absorbed that way.

6. Exfoliating the body with a dry body brush or even having an exfoliating salt water bath with essential oils will definitely work wonders for one’s body. This is indeed helps with your body maintenance and bringing a greater circulation and glow to your body eliminating the dead skin cells. Dry brushing should be done in circular motion moving towards the heart center. This is indeed helpful in order to bring a better looking skin. This even helps you to shed cellulite.

7. If you are using body butter it is better to go with some natural shea butter or cocoa butter. These are indeed helpful and adaptable to all sorts of skin types. Dry skin types are particularly helped through application of body butter. These are really nourishing and they bring about a rich, moisturizing effect when you want plump skin in winter. Body lotions are good but body butters are definitely better when it comes to deep moisturizing. One can find body butters with completely organic ingredients and they happen to be the most expensive.

8. Using a rich face cream in the morning and another at night. But make sure your face is clean. For dry skins it is best to use a cream face cleanser than a face wash or washing the face too frequently in winter. It is indeed helpful to have a go at cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine like regular times but definitely extra care is required when you are protecting your skin from the harsh winter climate. So using only very natural ingredients should be the way.

9. Not taking a bath with extreme cold or hot water is a good thing. Lukewarm water is really the way to go about when the weather is cold. This keeps the body’s temperature and the moisture content higher. There are definitely ways to keep the body well moisturized through the process of bathing. So herbal dips, essential oils in bath are necessary items to keep the moisture level constant when you are taking a bath.

10. Having EFAs in the form of cod liver oil, avocados, little bit of fresh butter, flaxseed oil, primrose oil, sea buck thorn oil, etc. are some of the best ways to keep your skin looking plump, healthy and fresh. It is also essential to have extra virgin olive oil tossed in your salads and soups as these are the kinds of oil that nourish your body from within.

Top 10 Tips for Caring for Dry Skin
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