Types of Liposuction


Liposuction a technique which is basically used to remove fats from human body and also this helps the people to maintain their youthful look and physique in a good condition. Normally this kind of liposuction is done in the fat rich places like the abdomen, the thighs, the chin, the flanks, the neck area, the area under the arms, and the area above the knees. Many have wrong thoughts about this liposuction technique as that it helps only to look slimmer and may cause some serious side effects. But the fact is that this liposuction removes the unwanted fat from the human body where it is rich and its aim is not to make you slimmer.

This liposuction can be done in many different ways. This was first

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introduced in the year 1974 and from that onwards there have been many improvements in this technique. Different types of techniques are followed by many doctors as the result it brings out is far better than the previous techniques. The main reason for this kind of improvement is the advancement of technology. There are four different types of liposuction techniques and that includes Dry Liposuction, Wet Technique, Super-Wet Technique, and Tumescent Liposuction.

The first technique is Dry Liposuction and this is the traditional method followed in the start. This originated from the lipectomy procedure where the unwanted tissues are removed from human body through a standard cannel. In this technique of liposuction the operation is done by applying high negative pressure on the tissues. This in turn sucks the unwanted fat from that and makes the human body to feel free from fat. As this operation is done without using any tumescing fluid in a dry manner the effects after the operation are very bad and that includes more loss of blood, necrosis, damage of nerves, and finally may results in trauma to the tissues. As it is done in a dry manner this is known as Dry Liposuction.

The second type is the Wet Technique the name itself indicates what type of technique and how it differs from the previous. This injects tumescing fluid in to the tissues and precedes with the operation hence the name Wet Technique. Because of the use of the fluid this operation is easier when compared to the previous technique. But the use of the fluid is not equal to the removal of fat hence it may cause some bad effects but not to the level of Dry Liposuction technique’s bad effects. This method is little bit popular than Dry Liposuction technique as the bad effects caused by this technique is not that much serious and the cost involved is also less when compared to other techniques.

The third technique is the Super-Wet technique. This is same as the previous liposuction technique but the only difference is that the quantity of tumescing fluid used is higher than the previous. That is in this technique the quantity of tumescing fluid used is equal to the removal of fat level from the tissues hence the side effects and the pain caused by this technique is tolerable. In all these technique the fluid is injected before the removal of fat and based on the quantity of fluid injected the fat is removed. This kind of technique is not risky as compared to the tumescent technique.

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The last and final type of liposuction is the tumescing liposuction and this is considered to be as one of the risky techniques of liposuction. The reason behind this is the intoxicating of tumescent fluids. This tumescent technique involves mixing of three fluids such as saline which is used to assist in the suction process, lidocaine acts as an anesthetic, and epinephrine helps to prevent bleeding. Even though the use of this kind of three fluids helps in preventing blood loss and deformation the use of fluid level is high hence it many result in serious problems in future.

Because the fluid injected in this kind of tumescent liposuction is twice or thrice greater than the amount of fat removed. This excessive use of fluids may result in intoxication in serious manner and the most dangerous effect may cause due to lidocaine, an anesthetic. Because, if this kind of anesthetic is used in excess quantity it may cause some fatal problems hence use of this fluid has to be done with proper knowledge in exact quantity. As many dangerous side effects and problems are involved in this liposuction treatments it is better to consult the doctor before getting into any operation.

Consulting doctor helps you to know about the condition of your body and helps in proceeding with the techniques which the doctor prescribes. Many physicians will tell that this Tumescent Liposuction is the best technique without telling drawbacks involved in that hence it is better to avoid that kind of physicians and approach the best physician who could help you in solving this problem in a better way.

Types of Liposuction
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