Vitamin C and Skin Care

Skin Care

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It is the most amazing and interesting skin care solution that you can directly input to your skin for higher health, elasticity and slowing down the process of aging. You will be amazed how tweaking up your diet with high amount of raw vitamin C source will instantly uplift your mood and even bring that glow back to your skin and hair. Vitamin C is essential for your over all health as it is a number one immunity booster. Vitamin C is actually ascorbic acid with some of the relatively greater components that bring you high energy and an incredible immunity boost. If you have more of the real and fresh Vitamin C high fruits, you will notice that you fall sick less often.

More than any amount of supplement having the real Vitamin C high fruits is the real deal. In skin care too what you intake will definitely effect the way you look.

Whatever goes into your bloodstream will affect the way you take it. Many different skin, hair and nail conditions will be treated this way when you intake Vitamin C in higher number.

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There is an oxidation process that goes when you take ineffective Vitamin C. Fresh citrus juices, citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, mangoes, peppers, apricot and chilies are some of the highest sources of Vitamin C. When you take high amounts of these you are almost certainly having the really best deals. Any Vitamin C solution is going to get oxidized pretty fast and these may increase the presence of free radicals.

But natural Vitamin C does just the converse. Some skin care companies bring better stabilization of Vitamin C with products that can bring less oxidization in a rapid and successful way. Concentrated Vitamin C may be present in certain organic cosmetics with the best of fresh ingredients would still be processed. But there are definite ways through which one can bring about healing on concentrated areas of the skin in terms of greater healing.

So using excessively oxidized or processed products would not be bringing much help in your skin conditions unless you are really starting to take fresh doses of Vitamin C. One of the fastest ways is to have juices of citrus and high Vitamin C fruits and vegetables. This is one of the best ways to bring an anti-ageing process to your system. There are definitely fresh citrus based packs and scrubs which can help you exfoliate the skin or improve your texture by cleansing with citrus based toners. Fresh scrubs can be made through a paste of strawberry and apricot mixed with yoghurt. This is an incredible way to scrub your face through the exfoliating benefits of these ingredients. Then there are toners that you can make with the help of intense green tea, lemon and grapefruit juice mixed with a little rose water.

A toner made of orange and lavender water also helps tone and refresh the skin in an interesting way. You will experience squeaky clean skin and it would not cost as much as a bottle of store bought toner. Then a very cleansing as well as exfoliating experience can be achieved through scrubbing the face with papaya or just the other side of the skin of a papaya. The same can be done by rubbing half a tomato on your skin which also helps shrink your pores and even giving you a fresh glow. Very simplistic scrubs with simply grated apples and radishes along with a little cider vinegar can bring a whole range of benefits to your skin. All these are very suitable ways to bring comfort to your skin no matter what type it is.

Vitamin C and Skin Care
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