Homemade Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Every individual in this globe truly desires to know the glory of the

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attractiveness or beauty tips. Everybody desires to identify why film actor and actress are forever looking fit and very youthful.

We always think that all movie actors as well as actress purchase very costly creams and body care. But the fact is that the creams are costly does not all the time give guarantee superior outcome. Number of times trouble-free recipes of home actually work superior than the costly creams to heal any type of beauty disorder. It is advisable to use best beauty advice and best beauty products.

Some people are luckier than other people because without any skin care they glow like a moon.Certainly the best advantage of today’s beauty concern products is only a part of the price of conventional cosmetic surgery but could actually do a lot more natural.

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The first and foremost step in beauty care is protecting your skin from pollution like make up done before and bacteria. The home made cleanser which you use can affect the PH level of the skin so in order to retain the Ph level balanced you can use homemade moisturizers. Person’s beauty is further divided into skin beauty, hair beauty, eye care, body care etc.

Homemade beauty tips for glowing skin are:

  • For tanning purpose you can use face pack of honey mixed with egg white.
  • For smooth and glowing skin purpose you can mix well yogurt, almonds and oats along with honey. Apply as a face pack for 5 min and cleanse with warm water.
  • For cleansing purpose you can use natural cleanser cucumber along with milk. Apply to your face for 10 min. It also balances Ph of your skin.
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  • If you have oily skin, you can apply a paste of lemon, egg white and grapes. Grapes soften your skin, egg white will tighten your skin, lemon will acts as a cleanser.
  • Good homemade moisturizer for dry skin is mixture of vegetable oil, lemon, and honey.
  • You can apply mixture of milk and honey for a glowing skin.
  • Mix a cup of honey in your bath water for smooth and soft skin.
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  • For a homemade body pack, get ready with a paste of almonds and mint leaves. You can apply this paste all over your body until it dries.
  • For fades spots apply carrot juice daily. For neck and under arms apply lemon and cucumber mix.
  • You can apply stick paste of egg along with sugar to remove facial hair.
  • You want to make your skin supple. You can apply banana extract on your face daily.
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  • For a glowing and fair skin apply natural bleach made up of sundried and powdered oranges along with milk.
  • For skin brightening, you can use tomato juice, and you can also use vinegar and rose water in equal proportions.
  • If you have dry skin, you can use paste of olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolk.
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  • If you have oily skin, you can use green gram powder or basin with milk.
  • Apply the combination of cream of milk and raw turmeric on the face and clean it after 25 minutes. It will craft your skin fair.
  • For instant glow, you can apply mixture of milk and fenugreek and let it dry.

Homemade beauty tips for black spots are:

  • You can apply a paste of oil and mehendi on the face.
  • You can apply mixture of glycerin and lemon juice on the spots.
  • You can use curry leaves and turmeric on the face and rinse with warm water.
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  • You can also apply on the black spots Grinded basil leaves, neem leaves, and mint in equal proportions.
  • Prepare a paste of honey and saffron and apply it on your face to remove black spots permanently.
  • You can remove wrinkles on your face by applying sandal wood powder, rose water, and glycerin.

Homemade beauty tips for pimples:

  • You can use mixture of neem and turmeric on your face for 20 min and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Prepare a mixture of turmeric, curd and three drops of oil. You can apply like a face pack for 10 min in the night.
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  • Prepare a paste of turmeric and sandal wood and you use it daily.

Homemade beauty tip for hair:

You can use mixture of henna, goose berry powder, egg, tea leaf, coffee powder, lemon, curd, oil apply it on to your hair. It has many advantages like it prevents and removes dandruff, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, increases the scalp strength, includes luster your hair. It also provides you soothing and cooling effect to your scalp. A homemade beauty product reflects on your real beauty with you.

Homemade Beauty Tips
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