How the Acne Scars are Treated

Acne Scars

In medical language Acne is called Acne vulgaris and a common skin infection mostly found in adolecent age (12-24 years of age).

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The word Acne first comes from ancient Greece meant: Point: or Peaks. Clesus (Roman Writer) was the first to mention skin problems is De Medicina.

It is an inflammatory disorder of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. When the follicles get blocked, acne develops, sebaceous glands get enlarged with increased sebum production and hormonal imbalances.

Commom affected areas are the forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, chest and shoulders. The chest and back are equally prone to acne. This problem also effects pschollogically   on an individual such as inferiority complex, depression and embaressment.


Acne is usually referred as pimples, blemishes, blackheads or cysts etc.
Family and genetic history, hormonal activity (menstrual cycle, Puberty), Inflammation, skin irritation, bacterial infection, use of anabolic steroids or stress can lead to acne scars. Deficiencies of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and high intake of glycemic foods can cause acne.

Medical and laser treatments:

In many cases, a combination of treatments can reduce the severity of acne scars. The most effective treatments tend to have great risk of side effects. Step wise approach and monitoring is required by every individual suffering from acne problem. Many types of medication, creams, and oral antibiotics are available in market but these oily face crams, cleansing creams are any greasy preparation can close the pores and not long lasting effective.

Laser cosmetic therapy is quite expensive measure and can causes thermal damage to skin.

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Nutrition interventions

A suggested acne diet by dieticians must include

  • Intake of all types of fruits, juices and Plenty intake of water.
  • Consumption of fresh and raw vegetables especially sprouts and carrots can improve the texture of the skin.
  • A teaspoon of coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder is considered effective.
  • A strong association is found by researches between cow milk and acne so prefer skimmed milk.
  • Balanced intake of the all nutrients devoid of excessive starch and sugar.
  • Chocolate is usually reported as a cause of acne but it is not true. It has a low glycemic level.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, condiments, processed foods, pickles, soft drink candies ice cream.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Exercise regularly
  • Adopt a stress free life

Hygienic measures:

It is a misconception that the acne is caused by dirt. The black colour of the blackheads is not dirt but an oxidized keratin. Its blockage cause acne and its impossible to wash them away.

Natural oil of the skin usually blocks the pores so; Care not to touch the face with hands, standard washing and rinsing of the face and skin with cold water, sun and fresh air baths helps to wash off old oil and unblock the pores.

Home remedies are the inexpensive way to combat acne scars Lemon juice, Honey, tomato juice, olive oil, egg whites, orange peel and cucumber pastes are the natural moisturizer usually used to apply on scarred skin to reduce their visibility.

These foods products are easily available at home and contain antioxidants i.e. Vitamin C, Vitamin E or Vitamin A which renews damages skin and treat inflammatory changes.

In short, Treatment of acne demands from us full attentions, commitment and dedication if you really want to get rid of from that infection.  Anyone who strictly follow the instructions and stick with full loyalty they will soon to get better from acne scar because acne is a curable infection.

How the Acne Scars are Treated
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