Skin Care for Various Skin Types

Skin Care

Before we get to “how to,” we must take a moment to break-down and clarify what we mean when we discuss “various skin types.”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


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Most women believe their skin conveniently falls into one of three cosmetic-company categories—dry, normal, or oily; they similarly believe their skin tones fall into three shades—dark, neutral, and fair. In fact, every woman’s skin combines all of the above. Your face has dry, normal, and oily spots; and the skin all over your body requires its own specialized care. Just as importantly, the skin on your face is at least four different thicknesses, and different facial planes get different sun exposure, so that they require different kinds of care.

The longer you study your skin’s complexity, the more you may believe your complexion requires at least a hundred products for the care it needs. And each product surely must match those cosmetic-company classifications or it will not work.  Or not…

Reconsider Your Basic Skin-Care Regimen

Assume you know nothing of skin care—tabula rasa, blank slate. Reconsider how you will care for your skin according to how it functions. The biggest part of your immune system, your skin obviously protects you; like all of your other vital organs, your skin metabolizes and grows. In fact, your body replaces every single skin cell at least every six or seven years, and your body constantly releases dead skin cells, replacing them with new ones. You may have heard 90% of household dust is your old skin—not an urban legend.

Therefore, before your skin needs beauty treatment, it needs health care. Your skin requires regular cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishment. Take care of your skin’s basic needs and it probably will beautify itself.

Healthy Skin Care Works from the Inside Out

Hair composes your biochemical autobiography, recording everything you ingest, inhale, and imbibe. Chemical analysis of a single hair reveals your history and habits for up to a year. Imitating your hair’s record-keeping practices, your skin adds the current events, revealing what you have and have not eaten, smoked, and drunk for the last few weeks. Your skin especially retains many of the toxins in cigarette smoke, and it shows your deficiencies more readily than it reflects your good habits.

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Skin grows pale and slightly translucent if you do not get enough beta-carotene. Eat your red and purple vegetables as well as the greens. Pale and translucent also suggest Vitamin D deficiency. Drink your milk and take a walk outdoors. Skin becomes more prone to break-outs when you do not take-in enough anti-oxidants. Eat your berries and drink your cranberry juice. Skin especially shows the effects of dehydration, quickly losing its elasticity and resilience. Drink your eight glasses each day, and avoid soda and energy drinks which act as diuretics in your system.

When you do eat properly and stay hydrated, your skin almost immediately shows the effects. It becomes radiant, resilient, and properly balanced.

Change Your Products and Change Your Life

Many of our favorite products make our skin look terrific at the expense of its health. In fact, some of the most popular skin care products create the illusion of health and beauty by pumping our skin full of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. If you take time to read the ingredients on some of your name-brand creams and lotions, prepare to be very afraid.

Skin Care for Various Skin Types
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